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We drive our VW bus up to Maine every May, and back down to Florida every September. With this, we want to have a tour lineup of our stops. Our CD "For Sail", as well as our book "Accidental Sailor Girl" is available for both signing and music jams at these meets. Please contact us for any information regarding music festivals, or venues at

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These times and dates are subject to change

June 3rd-4th - Fernandina Beach, Florida

June 4th-5th - Charleston, South Carolina

June 5th-6th - Carolina Beach, North Carolina

June 6th-7th - Kitty Hawk, North Carolina

June 7th-8th - Cape Henlopen, Delaware

June 8th-9th - Long Island, New York

June 9th-10th - Plymouth, Massachusetts

June 10th-11th - Camden, Maine